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    Penn State Introduces New Background Check for Final Job Approval

    UNIVERSITY PARK – A new Penn State policy, effective July 5, 2012, requires final job candidates and third-party employees who are offered employment on or after the policy effective date to undergo a criminal background check before approval of their work at the University. Three of the University’s prior policies (HR69, HR95 and HR96) have […]

    Licensing Loophole Allows Convicted Criminals to Become Nurses in Minnesota

    Minnesota is one of fourteen states in the U.S. currently not requiring background checks for licensed nurses. Due to a simple yes or no question asking applicants if they have been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor charges, a loophole exists allowing convicted criminals to become a licensed nurse if they lie on their application. In […]

    The ROI of Background Screening

    The ROI of Background Screening HR Management http://www.hrmreport.com/article/The-ROI-of-Background-Screening/ Points of Interest: The net annual Return On Investment for background screening is over 900%. There are scarce few business expenses that can generate the type of ROI that background screening can. According to the US Small Business Administration, for every dollar an employer invests in employment […]

    Right Management Survey, Impact of a Bad Hire

    Right Management Survey Right Management Impact of a Bad Hire, Press Release Key Points: Lower employee morale and decreased productivity are the biggest negative consequences. Other negative consequences include: lost customers and market share, and higher training, recruitment, and severance costs. The average cost of a bad hire is 2.5 times the employee’s salary. 42% […]

    Bureau of Justice Statistics

    Points of Interest: Workplace violence accounted for 18 percent of all violent crime. Victims of workplace violence identified intimates as the perpetrator in about 1 percent of all violent workplace crimes. About 40 percent of the victims of nonfatal violence in the workplace reported that they knew their offenders. Of victims of violent crime, 22 […]

    Interview with SBA’s Karen Mills 6.15.11, Bloomberg

    This interview is a must watch for those of you who… Have a look:  Bloomberg Interview  

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